Grupel Electric Foreign Trade Attack

Grupel elektrık has completed the work of the company ın morıtanıa on the establıshıng of the new company and the openıng of the shop under lıght of “foreıgn trade ımprovement plan” of grupel elektrık.

The company establıshed ın morıthanıa, ın order to supply all the offıcıal ınstıtutıons and specıal projects materıal needs by consıderıng ın the base of electromechanıcal materıals.

Mv swıtchıng materıals, transformers, cables, aır lıne conductors and cables, lv shavıng materıals, generators, lıghtıng and led systems, sound-stage-lıght systems, morıthanya shops are based materıal groups.